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Raclette cheese
Mount Raclette cheese
Proudly Cheese Wisconsin


- Since 2019 -

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Move Over Cheese Curds: Raclette, The New Heartthrob Of Wisconsin!
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Meet our cheese

Cheese making
Farm cheese

Farm made

We make our delicious cheese directly at the farm using raw milk coming straight from the parlor.


We begin the cheesemaking process within minutes after milking to get the freshest, highest quality cheese possible.

Raclette cheese aging

Naturally aged

Cheese wheel

Once the curd is pressed and salted, our wheels head straight to our cellar for maturation.

The 'affinage' begins.

Resting on natural wood boards, each wheel is hand washed and flipped for at least 60 days.


Don't be surprised if you fall in love with their flavor: a classic Alpine style cheese with nutty, buttery and fruity notes.

Wisconsin cheese


Proud of our strong dairy heritage, we are happy to say our cheese is 100% Wisconsin.


From the cows to the creamery, and finally our aging cave, the "terroir" (flavor of the land) is prominent in every bite. 

Wisconsin Cheese

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