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Raclette cheese

"From France to Wisconsin"

French Cheesemaker

"It all starts with good quality milk"

Raclette cheese wheel

"Farmstead cheese carefully aged to perfection"


Born and raised in France, Orphee always had a passion for food growing up.

After following a career path away from the food industry, he eventually found himself moving to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in dairyland Wisconsin.
That's where, quickly surrounded by dairy farmers and an abundance of great quality milk, he decided to make cheese on his own following the advice of his mentor, Gerald Heimerl, and the support of the CDR (Center for Dairy Research) in Madison, WI.

In 2019, Alpinage Cheese was born.

Specializing in natural 'affinage' techniques, we are making semi-hard, smear ripened cheeses all year long. 

Raclette cheesemaking

When our team is not busy flipping and washing wheels at our cellar, you can be sure to find us at our partner dairy farm making delicious cheese using their milk which could be considered the freshest and highest quality raw milk available in the country.

Aging one day at a time for a minimum of 60 days on natural wood boards in a perfect humidity and temperature controlled environment, we are always amazed by the results: high quality, all natural cheese with complex and unique flavors for you to enjoy! 

Cheese plate
French cheesemaker

Our Cheesemaker

After moving to the United States back in 2015, Orphee began studying the science of cheese making. 
Helped by his mentor, founder of Saxon creamery Gerald Heimerl and his daughter, Paula, Orphee made his first attempt at cheese making using a small 40 gallon VAT using fresh milk from a nearby dairy farm in the Green Bay area. 

Eager to learn more about the art, craft and chemistry of artisan cheese making, Orphee ended up getting his cheesemaker license from the State of Wisconsin. He then travelled back to his hometown in France to train under Laurent Mons at the Maison Mons, a world renowned French cheesemaking company.


That's where Orphee discovered there are actually two widely different savoir-faire in the cheese manufacturing process: the making and the aging.



Now specializing in the latter of the two, the maturation process, Orphee opened his first dairy plant entirely dedicated to the aging science of cheese in 2020.

That is where our Raclette cheese is being taken care of, year long, using traditional craftmanship to produce the best texture, fresh and full of flavor product for you to enjoy.

Cheese cave affinage

Inside the Tunnel de la Collonges
Maison Mons. Ambierle, France (2021)

Our Cheese

Our commitment to make safe, high quality cheese is our number one priority.

Using raw milk can be a daunting challenge but after working along several dairy experts, we found the perfect Wisconsin dairy farm where we make our cheese by hand and with no preservatives using the highest quality ingredients available to us.

We are fortunate enough to begin the cheesemaking process within minutes of milking with fresh raw milk delivered straight from the cows to the make room.

After a couple hours of hard work and a little cheesemaking magic, a high quality farm-fresh cheese is made and ready to be aged in our cave-like cellar.

Cheese Aging cave

We are currently focusing on Raclette cheese: a smear ripened, semi-hard cheese traditionally melted over foods such as fingerling potatoes, cornichons and cured meat.


Additionally, it's versatility makes it perfectly usable for many food applications like pizza, burgers, cheese plates and more!