Mount Raclette
  • Handcrafted in small batches using farmstead raw milk of the highest quality, our Mount Raclette cheese is truly a work of art.
    Fashioned after a favorite French & Swiss mountain cheese but with a Wisconsin twist, we are offering two distinct flavor profile to please your taste buds:

    - Our Classic version: a creamy Raclette cheese with prominent earthy and fruity flavors

    - Our Mild version: a buttery Raclette cheese with sweet and nutty notes


    All our cheese are aged at least 60 days on rustic wood boards in our cave-like cellar.


    Enjoy this cheese in the traditional way melted over a plate of baby potatoes, cured meats and dill pickles, or simply as a delectable table cheese paired with crusty bread, apple slices & a glass of either white Savoyard wine or red Burgundy wine.

    Mount Raclette

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    • Since our handcrafted wheels are virtually never the same size, weight can fluctuate based on cuts.
      We want to make sure you get what you paid for so all our prices are based on the minimum weight you will get no matter what.
      Everything over the base weight is then free of charge which means more cheese for you!